[CentOS] CentOS 6 + nux-dextop: GIMP vs. GIMP 2.8 ?

Tue Jun 21 12:48:27 UTC 2016
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 06/21/2016 07:33 AM, Nicolas Thierry-Mieg wrote:
> On 06/21/2016 01:50 PM, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just setup a CentOS 6 desktop with the nux-dextop repository activated.
>> When installing GIMP (yum install gimp), I get a gimp package as well as
>> a gimp28 package. I understand this is the Nux-Dextop GIMP 2.8 package.
>> Unfortunately this doesn't work so well with my system. It's not
>> localized (menus appear in english, though the system is in French), the
>> main GTK theme (Murrina Gilouche) is not managed and the application has
>> that ugly east german look like in the good old GTK1 days, and there are
>> two redundant menu entries, one of which is not responsive.
>> I'd like to be able to install the plain "official" GIMP 2.6 application
>> on my system, but when I try to 'yum remove gimp28', it takes the whole
>> GIMP stuff down the drain with it.
>> Note: I'm already using the Yum Priorities plugin. Official repos (base,
>> updates and extra) are configured with a priority of 1, the other stuff
>> (epel, adobe, nux-dextop) has a priority of 10.
> This is strange.
> "yum install gimp" should install gimp and its deps, not gimp28.
> "yum remove gimp28" should remove gimp28 and anyone depending on it, not
> gimp or "gimp stuff" (assuming you are not talking about "gimp stuff"
> from nux's repo that actually requires gimp 2.8).
> What exactly is this gimp stuff you're talking about? Can you list those
> packages?

That depneds on how hhey wrote the spec file .. if they obsolete gimp,
and also provide it, they can replace the standard install.  I don't
have any c6 desktops to test that.

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