[CentOS] AAC in .m4a command line tagging ???

Sun Jun 19 10:11:37 UTC 2016
Alice Wonder <alice at domblogger.net>

Hi All,

Software patents suck but but unfortunately for speech, MP3 (also still 
patented until end of next year) also sucks - for html5 audio served to 
iPhones where Safari doesn't support Ogg Opus and where bandwidth may be 
limited, AAC is a very attractive option.

I have an AAC encoding solution for Linux but I don't have a way to tag 

Anyone know of Linux command-line tagger for .m4a files that produces 
tags that will work in iTunes? Preferably one that allows addition of 
album art as well as text tags. Something like eyeD3 (python script) 
would be great.

Has to be command line so it can be automated on a server that does the 

Thanks for suggestions.