[CentOS] CentOS 6 + nux-dextop: GIMP vs. GIMP 2.8 ?

Tue Jun 21 11:50:25 UTC 2016
Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr>


I just setup a CentOS 6 desktop with the nux-dextop repository activated.

When installing GIMP (yum install gimp), I get a gimp package as well as
a gimp28 package. I understand this is the Nux-Dextop GIMP 2.8 package.
Unfortunately this doesn't work so well with my system. It's not
localized (menus appear in english, though the system is in French), the
main GTK theme (Murrina Gilouche) is not managed and the application has
that ugly east german look like in the good old GTK1 days, and there are
two redundant menu entries, one of which is not responsive.

I'd like to be able to install the plain "official" GIMP 2.6 application
on my system, but when I try to 'yum remove gimp28', it takes the whole
GIMP stuff down the drain with it.

Note: I'm already using the Yum Priorities plugin. Official repos (base,
updates and extra) are configured with a priority of 1, the other stuff
(epel, adobe, nux-dextop) has a priority of 10.

Any suggestions?

Cheers from the sunny South of France,

Niki Kovacs
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