[CentOS] CentOS-7 Screen black after boot

Thu Jun 30 01:33:37 UTC 2016
Venkata Balaji N <nag1010 at gmail.com>

Hello Community,

This is my first ever email to CentOS community. Firstly, CentOS is a great
open-source operating system. I have been using it for years and
recommending the same for production use to our customers.

I have installed CentOS-7 operating system couple of days ago and
everything was working fine. Yesterday, the screen got struck and the whole
system was unresponsive, after a long wait, i have restarted the system.
Since, then, i can only see the black screen and GUI is not coming up.

I can remotely login to the system from Putty and can operate without any
issues, the only issue is that GUI is not coming up.

I have installed CentOS-7 server-GUI. Any help would be appreciated here.

Venkata B N