[CentOS] C7 Desktop background

Rob Kampen rkampen at kampensonline.com
Sun May 15 10:25:07 UTC 2016

Just stumbled into a problem with my recent new build C7 work station. 
Fully updated, gnome desktop, all was working well until I had a play 
with Tweak Tool, I wanted to try some other themes for window layouts as 
the default seems to not show check boxes correctly in all situations. I 
haven't yet determined what is causing this but suspected another theme 
may work better, as not being able to see the correct status of a check 
box is somewhat frustrating.
So I made and tried numerous changes with this Tweak Tool, but only used 
the items that were installed as default installed select options, no 
special import of any other themes or extensions.
At one point I lost the Desktop background - cannot recall which change 
triggered this, however as I have tried all the other options on just 
about every tab, I still have a gray desktop.
If I move the cursor to the top left corner and it shows all the open 
windows, the desktop wallpaper / background shows just fine, but when I 
select any window/app, my desktop reverts to gray.
I have tried resetting the desktop background but it does not remove 
this aberration.

Any gnome gurus out there that can point me to the gnome foo required to 
get my desktop looking 21st century and not like my old monochrome 
Windows386 circa late 1980's.


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