[CentOS] enlarging partition and its filesystem

Anthony K akcentos at anroet.com
Fri May 20 13:45:40 UTC 2016

On 19/05/16 09:54, Fred Smith wrote:

 >I've used gparted live cd a number of times, but don't think I knew 
that it handled lvm2 also.

Well, what you are doing with gparted has nothing to do with LVM; just 
the drive (really, the image file) itself - similar to buying a bigger 
hdd and then cloning from old (smaller) to new (bigger). Then you have 
to boot into the system and extend the volume group, logical volume, and 
ultimately the filesystem.

 >Since it does, if I resize the lvm, wouldn't the contained filesystem 
be automatically resized too? (as it has been when I've resized physical 
partitions containing NTFS and EXT2/3/4 filesystems.)

With lvm, lvextend can automatically resize the the underlying ext2/3/4 
filesystem for you if you add the extra *-r* option.  If you omit it, 
then you'll need to run *resize2fs* as detailed by Ian.  As for NTFS, 
yes, once you use finish off with gparted, then the filesystem will have 
been automatically resized to fill the entire partition (haven't worked 
on partitioning in windows for a while so don't quote me).


*Note* Now that I'm having a second look at Ian's instructions, the 
pvcreate command is not required as you are not adding a second drive, 
just making the original one bigger.

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