[CentOS] [SOLVED] Kernel panic on 6.8 release with kernel-2.6.32-642.el6.x86_64

Sorin Srbu Sorin.Srbu at orgfarm.uu.se
Fri May 27 07:18:41 UTC 2016

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> > > Uninstalled NFS, as it wasn't needed anyway.
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> > > Still got the panic.
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> > Seriously, what panic?
> The one I posted a screen dump of earlier.

Did some more digging this morning.

All physical machines are quite okay with the 6.8 upgrade.

All virtual machines running on Hyper-V get a kernel panic - if the linux
integration services (lis) are installed on the guest.

Uninstalling lis, then applying the kernel-2.6.32-642.el6.x86_64 and
rebooting works just fine. No kernel panics.

Supposedly (according to some forum posts I read) the lis shouldn't care
what kernel is actually running, as long as it is compiled with a kernel
that is installed and available on the system, in this case the last
previous before the 6.8-upgrade.

In any case, problem solved for now.

Thanks for all the feedback!

Marking thread as solved.

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