[CentOS] Continuous Release repository RPMs now released

Mon May 16 18:47:36 UTC 2016
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

The Continuous Release repository RPMs for CentOS-6.8 are now released. 
It includes the following releases:


Specifically, there are following Security Updates included:

CESA-2016:0996 Important CentOS 6 openssl Security Update
CESA-2016:0997 Important CentOS 6 qemu-kvm Security Update 
CESA-2016:1041 Important CentOS 6 thunderbird Security Update

CESA-2016:0760 Moderate CentOS 6 file Security Update
CESA-2016:0778 Moderate CentOS 6 icedtea-web Security Update
CESA-2016:0855 Moderate CentOS 6 kernel Security Update
CESA-2016:0780 Moderate CentOS 6 ntp Security Update 
CESA-2016:0741 Moderate CentOS 6 openssh Security Update 

As well as more than 300 other bug fix updates.

Please read the CentOS-6.8 Release Notes:


As well as the RHEL-6.8 release notes and technical notes (since
CentOS-6.8 is based on the RHEL-6.8 source code):

Release Notes:  http://red.ht/1WBF3u4

Technical Notes:  http://red.ht/1YwcEDI

If you do not want to install the CR repository, the full 6.8 release
should happen around 10-21 days from today.  For more information on the
CR repository, see this link:


Johnny Hughes

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