[CentOS] Verifing: CentOS 5 cannot resize a *live* root filesystem

Tue May 17 19:30:37 UTC 2016
Robert Heller <heller at deepsoft.com>

Just want to verify: CentOS 5's FS utilities are too old to safely resize a 
*live* (mounted, etc.) root file system (and the CentOS 5 installer/rescue 
system does not include either resize2fs or fsadm utilities).

I am presuming I will need a full-fledged Live CD/DVD to resize the root file 

This is for an old 32-bit laptop that presently has CentOS 5.11 on it -- I 
want to shrink the root file system (it is LVM) and make a separate /home file 
system, then upgrade it to something newer (not C6, since it is not PAE -- I'm 
*hoping* Ubuntu's 32-bit installer can deal with a non-PAE 32-bit system).

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