[CentOS] C5.11 FF ESR 45.1.0 Cookies Button not functioning

Tue May 3 02:29:47 UTC 2016
Always Learning <centos at u64.u22.net>

On Mon, 2016-05-02 at 19:36 +0200, Yamaban wrote:

> Most of the dialogs have been rewritten from XUL to HTML5.
> The dialog shown is build by opening a blank html page and
> then inserting the code (html+css+js) to show the dialog.
> Thus 'about:blank' (internal called as moz-safe-about:blank)
> is needed to be allowed in Adblock and Noscript.
> Does that fill the 'blanks' in the knowledge?

Yes it does. Thank you for your explanation.



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