[CentOS] Centos 6.7: kernel: EDAC MC0: CE row 2, channel 1, label "": (..... (Correctable Patrol Data ECC))

Tue May 3 12:54:16 UTC 2016
Michael Schumacher <michael.schumacher at pamas.de>

Tuesday, May 3, 2016, 12:15:21 PM, you wrote:

DL> After update from centos 6.6 to centos 6.7 and reboot it, I have get a
DL> lot of this error into /var/log/messages:

>> May  3 11:27:20 s-virt kernel: EDAC MC0: CE row 2, channel 1, label
>> "": (Branch=0 DRAM-Bank=2 RDWR=Read RAS=6093 CAS=896, CE Err=0x10000
>> (Correctable Patrol Data ECC))

Hi Dario,

I had a similar case in the past.

I had a brand new server that seemed to be running fine. After a
kernel update, I gor lot of error messages in /etc/messages.

That particular kernel update implemented additional error messages
that were related to the motherboard chipset. It appears that new
boards with new chipset run fine with existing kernel.
As soon as kernel updates incorporate special features of these
chipsets, you might get such messages.

I returned the board under warranty. The board manufacturer informed
me that a memory controller was faulty. The board had the hardware
error from the beginning. The new kernel only revealed an already
existing problem.

You may want to check first if the hardware problem comes from memory
or motherboard.

best regards
Michael Schumacher