[CentOS] access denied from windows changing security setting when i use a folder connected to a fake drive made with dd

Sun May 8 15:31:48 UTC 2016
Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com>

On 05/08/2016 06:26 AM, nikos sarantopoulos wrote:
> the only way to write there other users except root is setting with
> chmod o+w /test

Yes, that is expected.

> from windows 7 using samba 4 i can write to folder but i cannot set
> security setting getting always access denied when i am setting
> security settings on the share
> what is wrong

You haven't told us anything about your Samba configuration, so it's 
impossible to say.

I'll make a wild guess though.  You're using "security = user" and 
possibly mapping users to a guest account.  IIRC, you can only change 
items in the Windows security tab if you're using "security = domain" or 
"security = ads"