[CentOS] ipmitool and CentOS 7

Tue May 17 11:36:08 UTC 2016
Tony Mountifield <tony at softins.co.uk>

In article <6e52db905de447530ff164eb9130a9fc.squirrel at host290.hostmonster.com>,
 <m.roth at 5-cent.us> wrote:
> On Dells running CentOS 6, we could use this command
> ipmitool delloem lcd set mode userdefined "$(uname -n | sed -e 's/\..*//' )"
> to set the little LCD screen to display the system name, In the latest
> sevens, it fails, and gives me usage for the command... which displays
> exactly that syntax.
> Anyone have a clue?

What do you get if you put "echo" before "ipmitool" to see the whole command
instead of executing it?

Have you tried running it with a literal name for testing?

And instead of munging the output of uname, you can just do $(hostname -s)

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