[CentOS] devtoolset-4

Thu May 19 09:30:50 UTC 2016
Jarosław Bober <jaroslaw.bober at gmail.com>

my name is Jarek I am new here. I need some clarifications on how to
distribute an app developed with devtoolset-4 enabled.

 I am developing a distributed app in c++ I wanted to upgrade toolchain to
use new standard.
Is it true that when I compile on centos 6.x with devtoolset enabled then I
will be able to run this app on centos 7.x as well?

Do I have to  install devtoolset on all my machines that I want to run this
app? Or would it use built-in libstdc++ library, linking statically only
the missing parts?

This confuses me a bit.