[CentOS] Hard drives being renamed

Tue May 24 22:28:49 UTC 2016
Leroy Tennison <leroy at datavoiceint.com>

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On 5/24/2016 2:08 PM, Pat Haley wrote:
> We are running Centos 6.7 - 2.6.32-573.22.1.el6.x86_64 on a Quanta 
> Cirrascale, up to date with patches. We have had a couple of instances 
> in which the hard drives have become renamed after reboot (e.g. drive 
> sda is renamed to sdc after reboot).  One time this occurred when we 
> rebooted following the installation of a 10GB NIC card, another time 
> after we tried to install mellanox drivers 
> (MLNX_OFED_LINUX-3.2- Currently we are unable 
> to boot because that drive has been renamed.
> Our questions are
>  * Has anyone else experienced similar issues?
>  * What can we do to prevent such renaming in the future 

don't use device names in your fstab, use labels, or use LVM, or whatever.

john r pierce, recycling bits in santa cruz

Use blkid to get the UUIDs then use UUID="..." in fstab.  Be aware that nothing is failsafe, changing filesystems on a partition will change the UUID and "dd ing" a partition to another drive but leaving it in the system without manually changing the UUID of one of the partitions will result in duplicate UUIDs and corresponding confusion - "been there, done that".

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