[CentOS] Systemd and VirtualBox

Sat May 28 00:43:21 UTC 2016
Anthony K <akcentos at anroet.com>

On 17/05/16 17:55, Rob Kampen wrote:
> No idea where to from here, so if there is anyone that has a working 
> systemd autostart VirtualBox setup on a headless CentOS 7 server - 
> please advise what you have done to get it working.
I'm running CentOS7 as my host and when I was using Virtualbox, I had my 
VM's autostarting for a while.  I simply followed this answer [0] on 
"askubuntu.com" and it worked flawlessly.  However, I've since migrated 
all my VM's to KVM once performance on KVM surpassed that of Virtualbox 
(most of my VM's are Linux servers).

My $0.02,