[CentOS] Systemd and VirtualBox

Sat May 28 02:31:25 UTC 2016
Anthony K <akcentos at anroet.com>

On 28/05/16 12:12, Rob Kampen wrote:
> which of the 9 answers did you use - there are four with [0] points. I 
> did see this some time ago and got a variant working under CentOS 6. I 
> was hoping to use the new-fangled systemd, partly as a learning 
> exercise, but also to avoid having bespoke config files and methods of 
> starting daemons proliferating which the methods described on 
> askubuntu.com seem to be.
> rob

Apologies - I should have stated that in my initial response.

It's the answer that starts of with - "You can use the VirtualBox 
Auto-start service." - it has an up-vote score of 20 (as of now).

That article cites the following link *[0]* as the original source: