[CentOS] Disable calendar notification in GNOME / CentOS 7 ?

Thu Nov 3 11:07:48 UTC 2016
Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr>


Here's one of the problems adressed in a previous thread, but it got
somehow swept away in the heat of the discussion.

Since I'm using Thunderbird and not Evolution, I'd like to get rid of
the calendar notifications in GNOME's system menu.

Ideally, things should work like this:


There's an extension called "Nothing To Do" which is supposed to do
exactly that, e. g. get rid of the calendar notifications:


Unfortunately there seems to be no way to use it with the GNOME version
shipping with CentOS. I spent a couple hours jumping through various
burning loops, without success.

Any idea how this could be done?


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