[CentOS] tool for a comprehensive list of the storage structure

Wed Nov 2 16:01:56 UTC 2016
David Both <dboth at millennium-technology.com>

Try *lsblk -f*

*[root at david ~]# lsblk -f
NAME                   FSTYPE      LABEL 
UUID                                   MOUNTPOINT
└─sda1                 LVM2_member DWnNT0-aHQK-4zxn-cWIL-4iAQ-fboe-QaeyOK
   └─vg_Backups-Backups ext4        Backups 
97baf04c-5dbb-43bd-9e56-b1c23e623ae4   /media/Backups
├─sdb1                 ext4        boot 
7186c3bc-ef06-4d34-9caf-3813ec004fbb   /boot
└─sdb2                 LVM2_member FU8VMi-xM65-2xvC-tK3R-gO91-QGkY-O4y7WN
   ├─david1-usr         ext4        usr 
589c4eee-b3f7-4b68-9a20-f2d40b850798   /usr
   ├─david1-swap        swap 9058afe6-43f3-4bcd-ba27-4a9f890cb295   [SWAP]
   ├─david1-root        ext4        root 
e2791469-362d-4c72-9172-c34b297886a0   /
   ├─david1-tmp         ext4        tmp 
0c140bc8-0785-4ec1-bc96-3839d9a66da5   /tmp
   └─david1-var         ext4        var 
c9e9d413-66bd-498a-9ddd-e21de4858f60   /var
sdc                    LVM2_member xVreaf-wkQ2-2rcS-2J8R-tj04-k2fW-D519iu
├─vg_david2-home       ext4        home 
f4ba78b4-e735-43ca-8e73-047d25e15220   /home
├─vg_david2-stuff      ext4        stuff 
b209b4ca-a016-4119-9941-fb4ef4102e06   /stuff
├─vg_david2-Virtual    ext4        Virtual 
e74b2716-33a1-4339-95e7-6c63d64985aa   /Virtual
└─vg_david2-Pictures   ext4        Pictures 
3c9f5705-2d6b-4c1f-9088-017c1f5c5891   /home/dboth/Pictures
└─sdd1                 ext4        4T-Backup 
sde                    ext3        WD-500-USB 
└─sde1                 ext4        WD-500GB-USB 
04fd97fe-d99b-4508-a968-e46b63c218b5 /run/media/dboth/WD-500GB-USB
└─sdh1                 ext4        USBbackup 
sr1                    udf         WD SmartWare 4AFDFB0F


On 11/02/2016 11:54 AM, Leon Fauster wrote:
> I would like to have a smart cli tool, that shows a
> comprehensive list about the local storage structure:
> An output like:
>   /srv
>     /dev/mapper/luks-f85b7a2c-...: UUID="ca924fad-..." TYPE="ext4"
>       /dev/mapper/vg_internal_e-lv_internal_srv: UUID="f85b7a2c-..." TYPE="crypto_LUKS"
>         vg_internal_e
>           /dev/md3: UUID="1Fi2Ex-..." TYPE="LVM2_member"
>             /dev/sda4: UUID="00029bd4-..." UUID_SUB="d0024074-..." LABEL="e.ld:3" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
>             /dev/sdb4: UUID="00029bd4-..." UUID_SUB="bf98fc79-..." LABEL="e.ld:3" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
> beside blkid any other tool available?
> --
> Thanks,
> LF
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