[CentOS] latest documentation of OpenStack for CentOS7

Wed Nov 2 17:04:52 UTC 2016
Gianluca Cecchi <gianluca.cecchi at gmail.com>

On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 2:34 PM, FrancisM <francis at mytechrepublic.com> wrote:

> Dear Gianluca,
> Thanks for sharing this information it will take my whole week again to
> read the architecture and to understand it. By the way is it recommended to
> run the OpenStack on top of ESXi6 for testing purpose? When I provision the
> CentOS VMs for this test I append this line 'vhv.enable=true' inside the
> .vmx file to support Nested-Environment inside my ESXi6
> Its my first time to install and configure OpenStack so I'm wondering if I
> will hit some limitation in my VM environment if I setup this inside of VMs
> running in CentOS7.2
Yes, in the past I was able to create a nested Openstack "farm" (tested
both Grizzly and Icehouse versions) inside VSphere 5 using a vApp without
any problems.
In this vApp there were 13 VMs configured with CentOS 6: 3 compute nodes, 2
swift proxy nodes, 3 swift storage nodes, 3 controller nodes + 2 load
balancer nodes (to manage calls for swift storage and swift proxy nodes)
In ESXi 5 the steps to configure/enable nested hypervisors was different
than in ESXi 6.

Recently I was able to configure a nested oVirt environment in ESXi 6 and
basically I followed what described here.

and verifying that I was able to load kvm kernel module in my virtual
hypervisors and start qemu-kvm on them.