[CentOS] Centos OS Crash Recovery, Inquiry.

Thu Nov 3 03:58:55 UTC 2016
Robert Nichols <rnicholsNOSPAM at comcast.net>

On 11/02/2016 08:46 PM, Christopher G. Halnin wrote:
> As I have mentioned in my previous email, is there a way to recover
> or bring back to life a crashed Centos OS after doing a Hard Driver
> repartition or resizing?

Possibly. It depends on how the disk was previously arranged, what
filesystems are in use, and exactly what you did to get to the
current state.

If the data is really important, professional data recovery would
be appropriate. A mailing list isn't a great place to carry on
such a conversation. A more appropriate venue would be
www.linuxquestions.org .

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