[CentOS] Thunderbird vs. Evolution vs. OwnCloud

Thu Nov 3 09:33:13 UTC 2016
Alice Wonder <alice at domblogger.net>

On 11/03/2016 02:28 AM, Sorin Srbu wrote:
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>> Le 03/11/2016 à 09:31, Sorin Srbu a écrit :
>>> Something like this maybe?
>>> http://askubuntu.com/questions/69305/how-do-i-disable-the-calendar-
>> events-se
>>> ction-in-gnome-shells-clock-applet
>> Exactly. Except this doesn't seem to work under CentOS 7. The mentioned
>> file doesn't exist here. As for the "Nothing To Do" extension, it's beta
>> software, and I don't know how to install that extension since I'm new
>> to GNOME (Xfce and KDE user).
>> What now?
> Do you have to use Gnome 3?
> I'm thinking it might be easier to disable in Gnome 2.

Just use MATE - where it isn't even an issue (MATE is a fork of Gnome 2 
and is in EPEL)

yum groupinstall "MATE Desktop"

Then at the login screen, you select MATE as your desktop environment. 
There's a gear or some similar icon on the login screen that lets you 
pick the desktop for the login, and it remembers what you picked the 
next time you login.