[CentOS] Need help getting two NICs to work on CentOS 7

Mon Nov 7 07:03:40 UTC 2016
Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca>

On 07/11/16 02:00 AM, Sean Son wrote:
> Hello all
> Here is the scenario:  We have a mail server VM which currently has two
> virtual NICs attached to it. One NIC is has an IP on a subnet with a
> default gateway defined and the other NIC has an IP on a different subnet
> with a different gateway on a different VLAN defined. Now when I activate
> both NICs, and run an ifconfig -a, I see that both IP addresses are
> showing. Now here is the problem. When I ping the VM, the first NIC's IP is
> not pingable at all, but the second NIC's IP is pingable. How do I
> configure the networking so that both IPs are pingable and the VM is
> reachable via both IPs? Please let me know what I may be doing wrong!

We're missing a lot of details, but to speak generally, I'd look at the
bridging on the host if you're confident that the interfaces are
configured properly inside the host.

Also, have you looked at iptables?

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