[CentOS] CentOS 6.3 packages updates options without upgrading.

Tue Nov 8 14:27:37 UTC 2016
Dipal Bhatt <dipal.bhatt at gmail.com>

> Show us this "no way to update system properly" to get a clear big picture
> that is allowing us to provide you with potentially better solutions.
Thanks really Leon very much w/ a very resourceful info. esp release notes
helps across minor versions.  So, this is for a friend of mine, and I have
been told that they will not currently consider updating their userland
from 6.3 to 6.8 but only selected few packages.  The picture seems to be
that their company runs a lot of apps on 6.3 userland and might have some
specific dependencies, etc., but more importantly, this environment has
been running in customers' environment for quite some time esp 1000s of
customers, so updating system properly is not easily feasible for this
scenario.  However, they can hand pick packages seem fit for update that
can be pushed out using their internal code fixes and updates for end
users. SO, this seems to be the problem of trying to hand pick certain
packages to be updated, if feasible w/o much adverse effects.