[CentOS] CentOS 6.8 and samba

Thu Sep 8 15:52:55 UTC 2016
Philipoff, Andrew <Andrew.Philipoff at ucsf.edu>

> Other than the original 6.8 release version 3.6.23-33, samba has not been
> functioning correctly for me under 6.8.
> The symptoms are that about 6-7 days after starting the server, users start
> complaining that they can no longer open documents on their share. Upon
> inspection, I find several, sometimes nearly a dozen smb processes owned
> by a single user, on top of those run under root. Stopping the service does
> not stop these processes. They are only killable with SIGKILL, and after that, a
> service restart does not result in a functioning service, i.e. connections are
> refused, which can be verified easily with smbclient. The only cure is a server
> reboot. And it is not the same user id every time it happens. Useful logs of
> any type are not available.
> I have tested -35 and -36, both show the same behaviour. This is a production
> server and I have no time for tinkering; downgrading to -33 and blocking
> samba updates is the only workaround for now.

1. What is your output of testparm?
2. If you run top, are any Samba related processes (winbindd, smbd, etc) consuming excessively high amounts of CPU?
3. Have you considered cranking up or enabling logging to obtain some useful log info?
4. Has this Samba server run correctly in the past? If so, has anything changed recently?
5. You probably already know this but Samba 3.6.x is ancient. Have you considered running Samba 4.x? Centos 6 repos have Samba 4.2.10 packages.
6. Have you checked for corrupted Samba *.tbd files? Consider running tdbbackup: