[CentOS] How to move /var to another partition

Sun Sep 25 19:34:29 UTC 2016
TE Dukes <tdukes at palmettoshopper.com>

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> On 9/25/2016 11:51 AM, TE Dukes wrote:
> > I deleted the VM I setup yesterday. I used the CentOS 7 minimal iso,
> > probably should have used the full iso. It didn't have any choices of
> > packages to install, that I saw. I wanted to setup a server.
> 'a server' ?   what, a web server?  a file server?  a email server? a
> name server?
> each of those requires different packages, best installed via yum, while
> quite selective, if for no other reason, then to reduce the amount of
> unneeded updates being installed every few weeks.
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> john r pierce, recycling bits in santa cruz

[Thomas E Dukes] 
 A web server with ftp, ssh php and mysql.

Thought I'd give 7.0 a try before I upgrade from 6.8.

I know you can use yum to install groups but I don't know what the groups

I had to delete the VM because it only left about 15% free space on my root