[CentOS] CentOS 7 & MariaDB

Tue Sep 27 15:28:13 UTC 2016
Jonathan Billings <billings at negate.org>

On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 03:18:02PM +0000, jan.zeller at id.unibe.ch wrote:
> This version of MariaDB namely 5.5 is officially supported [1] until
> April 2017. 
> How does CentOS 7 deal with this circumstance ? What will happen
> when 5.5 runs out ? 
> Do I have to change the repositories manually [2] or does the change
> happen 'automagically' ? 

1.) Keep in mind that CentOS7 uses upstream RHEL7 source packages, so
CentOS technically will do nothing but continue to repackage RHEL7

2.) Red Hat will backport fixes to the version of MariaDB it
supports.  Take a look at:

3.) If you want to use a version other than whats in the base
repositories, I suggest taking a look at the Software Collections
repos:  https://wiki.centos.org/AdditionalResources/Repositories/SCL 

Jonathan Billings <billings at negate.org>