[CentOS] Virtualization Networking

Fri Sep 30 11:14:59 UTC 2016
TE Dukes <tdukes at palmettoshopper.com>

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> On 09/29/2016 07:54 PM, TE Dukes wrote:
> > For whatever reason, the default NAT setup no longer works.
> Start over with a new install.  Record each change you make, carefully.
> > I got some kind
> > of bridge network (mactap) setup that has access to the outside but I
> > still can't connect locally.
> As I noted, when using the macvtap, the host and guest can't communicate
> unless you enable hairpin mode.

I read something about turning off and disabling NetworkManager. I haven't
done this.

I'm getting ready to throw in the towel. If I can't set this up to at least
access the VM from the LAN, I can't test CentOS 7 and the software I want to
run. It makes it very hard to setup and configure with vi.