[CentOS] Desktop for newbies

Fri Sep 30 15:47:38 UTC 2016
Leroy Tennison <leroy at datavoiceint.com>

For a newbie KDE is pretty Windows-like.  However, once you're used to it, the earlier comments about Gnome3 versus Mate also apply to KDE versus Trinity.  Both of the major Desktops seem to be too "oh let's see what we can do with this radically new idea" oriented.  Might want to consider Trinity.

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I'm about to set up a non-root user on a Centos=7 server that I 
control for a friend.  It is in his home, so access is local.  He's a 
refugee from the latest Windows 10 Upgrade.  I'd like a suggestion as 
to which of the several possible graphical desktops to suggest to him 
and set up for him as his default.

My aim is:
- Allow him to try out Linux as an end-user
- Let him start to feel comfortable with the desktop
- Learn the new idioms for familiar programs and functions

And later
- Give him his own system with root privileges.



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