[CentOS] An 'orrible question: Outlook 365 under wine on CentOS?

isdtor isdtor at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 21:57:06 UTC 2016

Fabian Arrotin writes:
> For a previous job, I was using davmail (http://davmail.sourceforge.net)
> to act as a imap/caldav/ldap gateway between my Thunderbird and the OWA.
> I never tested against outlook365 but a simple google search seems to
> indicate that it's doable/working

Going through various stages of the corporate email outsourcing craze with different versions of Exchange, I have never ever gotten davmail to work. Never tested it with o365, and don't care as long as they don't cancel imap here. Don't see that happening, however. 

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