[CentOS] Centos & USB3

Tue Sep 27 15:55:03 UTC 2016
Always Learning <centos at u68.u22.net>

I replaced my development machine with 6 cores, 32 GB etc.

I thought it would be simply inserting the existing HDDs and
changing /etc/sysconfig/ifcfg-eth0 but,

* in the UEFI "BIOS" USB2 and USB3 work.

* in C5.11 USB2 works but USB3 does not.

* in C6.5 (my install disk; OS be updated to C6.8) USB2 works but USB3
does not.

On both C5 and C6 lsusb shows an entry for the plugged-in keyboard (USB2
socket) and for the wireless mouse (USB2 socket) but nothing else.

Please does anyone have any ideas how to solve this baffling
time-consuming problem ?

Is is a UEFI (motherboard Asrock 970A-G/3.1) configuration matter or
potentially the absence of a suitable USB3 driver for Centos ?

Thank you.


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