[CentOS] OT: systemd Poll

Mon Apr 10 19:38:03 UTC 2017
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Pete Orrall wrote:
>> So, at which stage are you in w/ regards to adopting systemd?  Are you
>> still
>> ridiculing it, violently opposed to it, or have you mellowed to it?
> I've never had to write my own init scripts before so I'm not feeling
> the pain of others, but having professionally managed machines running
> SystemD for a while now honestly I don't mind it.  While the language
> used (units, targets) is confusing and documentation could be better,
> there are some things I like about it more than SysVInit.
Don't look at me - I still *loathe* systemd. Change for no other reason
than to put it on your resume, and write papers about.

Examples: is it service, or target, and where of many places do I have to
look to find a given service name? Why change names, such as rpc-idmapd to
nfs-idmapd? And I've just been fighting today, because I have to munge the
MAC address for a workstation, because they have old software that is very
usefull, and there's no budget to pay the company that bought the software
$15k (no kidding) so that they can shift the license to the new
workstation, and that's tied to eth0 and the MAC.

And *why* random NIC names? Quick, you've got servers from 5
manufacturers, of different ages... what's the NIC going to be called? Do
names like enp5s0 offer any convenience to *anyone* not a hardware

And the binary message log.... At home, I'm staying on CentOS 6 until it