[CentOS] OT: systemd Poll

Mon Apr 10 22:20:23 UTC 2017
Pete Biggs <pete at biggs.org.uk>

> I must admit that I skipped through the first and second stages - I 
> never found creating init scripts a joy and instead opted to write my 
> own scripts that I launched via inittab.  As such, I welcomed the 
> simplicity systemd's service files without fuss.
> So, at which stage are you in w/ regards to adopting systemd?  Are you 
> still ridiculing it, violently opposed to it, or have you mellowed to it?

It is what it is.

I can see that systemd may not look as straightforward as init scripts,
but it has been clear for a while that SysVinit is generally not really
fit-for-purpose. Things like the mystic incantations embedded in
comments at the top to try and make chkconfig work properly, or the
lack of a consistent approach to configuring parameters (are they
embedded in the script? In /etc/sysconfig? The package's own config

The fact that there was at one point multiple solutions to the problem
(with systemd eventually becoming the accepted one) and that no dev is
really going to voluntarily go through the pain and abuse of
implementing something new like this shows that it really was thought
to be necessary.

I think what is/was the issue is the abrasive way that some of it was
done. It seems to have put people's backs up no end and makes them
predisposed to find fault with it.

It's just different, that's all. It does the job it was designed to do.
It even copes with legacy init scripts, so you can still use them if
you want.

And I remember when these new fangled init scripts first appeared - boy
did everyone find them confusing and hated them.