[CentOS] OT: systemd Poll

Tue Apr 11 12:09:01 UTC 2017
Pete Orrall <pete at cs1x.com>

> And *why* random NIC names? Quick, you've got servers from 5
> manufacturers, of different ages... what's the NIC going to be called? Do
> names like enp5s0 offer any convenience to *anyone* not a hardware
> engineer?

As someone else had stated, it's not related to SystemD but
Fedora/RHEL has changed the way they handle some things.  NICs, for
instance, are no longer named after the device number (eth0, eth1,
eth2, etc.) but after the *driver* name.  Yes, it's a change but it
also makes sense.  IIRC this is how FreeBSD handles NIC names.

Pete Orrall
pete at cs1x.com
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