[CentOS] OT: systemd Poll

Tue Apr 11 21:16:17 UTC 2017
J Martin Rushton <martinrushton56 at btinternet.com>

On 11/04/17 17:02, Bruce Ferrell wrote:
> On 04/11/2017 07:50 AM, Andrew Holway wrote:
>>>   I'd much rather have a bash script to look at-- and manually step
>>> through.
>> Is that a joke? Bash is an almighty impenetrable nightmare. I've been
>> doing
>> *nix for nearly 10 years and *still* am unable to read anything vaguely
>> complicated in bash whereas I can write fairly decent python after 6
>> months. From my point of view SystemD is amazing I can write a 6 line
>> service file for my apps and it *just works* and I don't have to think
>> about it anymore.
>> What is it about SystemD that brings out the Richard Stallman in
>> everyone?
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> *10 WHOLE years*...  And bash is *STILL* impenetrable for you?
> How about over 30 and it took me a week?  No, I don't carry a CS degree
> or cert of any kind either, just some high school.
> For me, systemd has been an absolute nightmare of unexpected reboots and
> non-transparently broken processes with just plain bad implementations
> crammed onto my system.  Faster boot they said, except it ISN'T faster
> now, it's slower and MUCH more difficult to sort through to find out why
> with it's monolithic architecture and poor documentation.
> It wasn't broken before.  What was being fixed?
Boot speed isn't everything.  My servers take far longer to initialise
than boot, so having to repeat the boot to sort out the black magic
takes __much__ longer than having a steppable script.

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