[CentOS] Ignoring /run/user/X

Wed Apr 12 16:13:20 UTC 2017
James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>

Cameron Smith wrote:
> We are running into an issue relating to snmpd and the temporary partitions
> created in /run/user/ so any insight by someone with magical
> net-snmp skills would be much appreciated.
> Our monitoring app walks all our servers.
> We modify /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf on all our servers to just have one line:
> rocommunity ourcommnuityname monitor.ing.app.ip
> This has worked just fine for almost 10 years.
> Since the release of CentOS 7 we are getting alerts for partitions not
> being found during walks and these are the temporary partitions that are
> ephemeral while a user is logged in:
> /run/user/0
> /run/user/65000
> Seems if the partition is there when the monitor is set or is added while
> the monitor is active the monitor will keep looking for it and these are
> meant to go away.
> We thought "OK we can just ignore those" so we added a line to
> /etc/snmpd.conf :
> ignoredisk /run/user/*
> but that has not helped :(
> Does anybody have a recommendation on how we can stop those partitions from
> being seen on walks so we can stop being alerted about partitions for which
> we are not interested in monitoring their available space?

You could try it the other way round - and just list the disks you want 
to monitor with the 'disk' directive?

James Pearson