[CentOS] humor (was Re: OT: systemd Poll)

Thu Apr 13 05:49:25 UTC 2017
Jon LaBadie <jcu at labadie.us>

On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 08:31:29PM +0200, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> Le 12/04/2017 à 19:41, Andrew Holway a écrit :
> > Between the early 1990's and early 2000's the price of a GB of memory went
> > from ~$100,000 to ~$1000*. I guess a lot of the design decisions made for
> > things like init were focussed on this. In 1995 is was common for server
> > platforms to have 32Mb ram whereas the kernel alone in my PC here at home
> > is consuming just over 500MB. It seems reasonable that software components
> > built in 1997 will not be fit for purpose in 2017.
> Back in 2013 I did some Linux training for a company in Montpellier. The
> first week the server racks hadn't been delivered yet, so we were stuck.
> In a cupboard, I found an antique Dell Poweredge 1300 server that was
> out of service, made around 1997 or so. I dusted it off, found a power
> cable, a monitor, a network cable and a keyboard and connected the
> thing. It had a P-III 500 MHz processor, 3 x 9 GB SCSI disks and a
> whooping 128 MB of RAM, and not a single USB port (only parallel).

Similar, much earlier tale of my own.  Doing Intro Unix training
at a client site.  The classroom had PCs with Hummingbird's XDMCP
software to remotely connect to a monster HP unix system.  On
Monday arrival I learned their HP license expired over the weekend
and remote access was not possible.

I had my laptop, either a Pentium or P II, running Solaris x86.
I put it on the network and had the students point their XDMCP
to it.  Ran the first two days of class with 12 students plux
the console all running X graphical logins.  On Wednesday they
had us switch to the HP.  Some students asked if they could
switch back because the laptop seemed more responsive.

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