[CentOS] OT: systemd Poll - So Long, and Thanks for All the fish.

Sat Apr 15 06:19:49 UTC 2017
Anthony K <akcentos at anroet.com>

On 09/04/17 14:39, Anthony K wrote:
> So, at which stage are you in w/ regards to adopting systemd?  Are you 
> still ridiculing it, violently opposed to it, or have you mellowed to it? 
Thanks for all those that responded. systemd still appears to be a sore 

systemd is still coping a whole lot of ridicule but not so violent 
opposition.  Can't say I understand why, but you can't please all of the 
people all of the time!

Quick comments to some issues identified in the conversation:

There are several responses siting poor documentation but I can't fault 
the documentation; there's plenty of it and the man pages are quite well 
structured - man -k --names-only systemd

Also, there's a lot of people moving to FreeBSD - but it appears that 
the grass isn't greener there either as they are now trialling OpenRC.

One issue I resolved quickly after installing CentOS 7 was to revert to 
ethx for interface names and to install iptables and remove firewalld.  
The other occassional issue I have is where restarting services takes a 
seriously long time and I've discovered that restarting 
`systemd-logind.service, dbus.service, and polkit.service resolves this, 
albeit for a short period before it crops up again *[0]*.

In closing:
There are conspiracy theories out there that the NSA is involved with 
bringing systemd to Linux so they can have easy access to *"unknown"* 
bugs - aka backdoors - to all Linux installations using systemd *[1]*.  
I guess anything goes now that Edward Snowden has educated us all - for 
better or worse.

Thanks again to all respondents - I quite enjoyed the read - I did read 
all responses.


*[0]* - https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/2925
*[1]* -