[CentOS] OT: systemd Poll - So Long, and Thanks for All the fish.

Sun Apr 16 17:53:55 UTC 2017
Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com>

On 04/16/2017 03:53 AM, ken wrote:
> And, yes, the exploits also include more than a few against linux.  Go 
> to their site and look under vault7.  Or search for "linux" or 
> "redhat"... you'll get hundreds of hits.  Here's just one: 
> https://wikileaks.org/spyfiles4/documents/FinSpy-3.10-User-Manual.docx 
> (If you have only a few seconds to look at it, see page 34.) 

That document appears to describe a remote control application, not an 
exploit.  It's only useful once you have administrative access to the 
system in question.

I won't say that I don't think exploits against Linux systems exist, 
that would be naive.  But, I haven't yet seen any CVEs for GNU/Linux 
systems resulting from the Vault7 leaks.