[CentOS] Problems With Booting CentOS on Dell T7910

Fri Apr 21 16:23:16 UTC 2017
Paul E. Virgo <Paul.E.Virgo at nasa.gov>

On 04/19/2017 02:12 AM, Zdenek Sedlak wrote:
> On 2017-04-18 23:29, Paul E. Virgo wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Does anyone have any experience with installing CentOS 6 (specfically,
>> 6.8), on a Dell T7910? I've tried at least a dozen installs,
>> everything gets configured, and when I have the system reboot, I get
>> 'No boot device found press any key to reboot the machine'. In BIOS,
>> I've enabled AHCI, Legacy boot and modes, and enabled the SAS
>> controller. The disks are seen and written to. It uses a MPT SAS3 RAID
>> controller, and I've even specified a 'diskdrive' statement pointing
>> to the known drivers for the controller, and still nothing. This
>> system is listed as compatible, but I don't know. Any suggestions or
>> help appreciated..
> Hello,
> How is the RAID configured?
it's an MPT SAS3 RAID controller, built in. All 4 disks are RAID 0; I do 
an LVM setup in my kickstart
> Are you using single disk or configured multiple in RAID?
See above
> Did you try to install CentOS 7.3 to verify if you'd get the same issue?
CentOS 7.3 doesn't even load. It just hangs.
> Try to boot the CentOS Live and check how is/are the disk(s) presented.
> //Zdenek
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