[CentOS] Need a bit of 'archeocomputing' help on CentOS 7.

Sat Apr 22 13:42:11 UTC 2017
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On 04/21/2017 12:11 PM, Lamar Owen wrote:
> ...
> The latest version of libc5 I know of that was shipped by Red Hat is 
> in RHL 6.2, libc-5.3.12.  (There is a 5.4, but not sure of stability 
> or compatibility).
> ...
> I've successfully set up the bridging; a CentOS 7 VM on the same host 
> has full connectivity.  So it's something about the rtl8139 and the 
> 2.0.36 kernel.  What is the oldest distribution you've done on KVM on C7?
Ok, so I've progressed somewhat on this.  Here's what I've so far found:
1.) RHL 5.2 installs fine, but is a no-go, since it has no networking.
2.) RHL 6.2 installs fine, but is a no-go, with lots and lots of 'hda: 
lost interrupt' errors and eventually the guest is paused and won't 
proceed past a certain point in the boot.  Of all the days for the 
Fedora infrastructure to go completely down, while I'm looking for 
archived RHL (!!!).  For a while I couldn't even get to archive.org.  
Trying to get to bugzilla.redhat.com was impossible, and even archived 
mailing list posts were not available talking about the lost interrupt 
issue  (google's cache will only help you so far).  It was a pretty odd 
sight, seeing a 'www.redhat.com is down but will be back soon' webpage 
come up.
3.) vault.centos.org to the rescue; CentOS 2.1 is essentially an RHL 
7.x-derived distribution, and so I grabbed the two ISOs from a vault 
mirror.  The GUI install crashes out completely, but a text install 
worked swimmingly.  Since the app I need does have a glibc2.1 version, 
and since I already had it downloaded from back in 1998 or so, using the 
RHL 6.2 compat-glibc2.1 packages should work. Installed, booted, and got 
networking.  The C2.1 guest seems stable, and I'm pulling the updates 
repo from vault.centos.org and will set up local repos for yum (yum 
version 1!) and get it as fully updated as C2.1 can be (this isn't 
exposed to the internet).  Once updated and the compat-glibc2.1 
installed will try out the app in a testing mode, then pull over the 
database (postgresql 6.5, but I have a good dump I can restore into the 
C2.1 postgresql) and bring it back live.

Now, there is one other option that I found this morning: the LinuxTech 
repo for CentOS 6 has a libc5 for CentOS 6.  I'm setting up a testing C6 
i386 guest, and will try out the LinuxTech libc5. If that works that 
will be the route I go, since C6 is still updated.  I'm not going to 
abandon the C2.1 setup yet, though, since the app I'm using may need 
some other libs.  We'll see.

So, to answer my own question, CentOS 2.1 is the oldest thing I have 
thus far successfully run with full server functionality in C7's