[CentOS] CentOS as Guest OS on Red Hat Virtualisation 4.x

Sat Apr 29 12:34:03 UTC 2017
Barak Korren <bkorren at redhat.com>

On 27 April 2017 at 20:21, Ling Yew Kim <lkim at redhat.com> wrote:
> So, my question is, technically, can CentOS run as a guest OS on RHV4? Is there
> anyone that has done extensive test with CentOS on RHV? Is there any documentation
> or links that can show CentOS will run fine on RHV4? Just need to show customer
> that indeed CentOS is technically compatible on RHV but just not supported by
> Red Hat.

CentOS is tested extensively in oVirt, the RHV upstream opes-source
project. In fact,
most of the project's build and test infrastructure is based on CentOS
VMs running on

Having said that, if your customer bought RHV support licenses,
running CentOS on it
may or may not violate his support licensing terms. Please verify that with an
official RedHat sales representative or a TAM.

Please note that this response is based on my personal knowledge only
and should not considered an an official response from Red Hat in any

> p/s: If you’re wondering why I’m not getting the customer to migrate CentOS to RHEL
> just so that it’s a supported configuration? well, for some reason he just wants to
> continue using CentOS, which I’m guessing could be caused by $$$ as they have heaps
> of CentOS in their environment.

I'm no expert on this, but I think I recall that licensing RHEL
instances on RHV is
way cheaper then licensing them on VMware or any other virtualization
maybe you should look into this. </sales pitch ;>

If he still prefers to stay on CentOS, perhaps he can be convinced to
use oVirt so he
can still jump-ship from VMware.

Barak Korren
RHV DevOps team , RHCE, RHCi
Red Hat EMEA
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