[CentOS] Excel shared spreadsheets on Samba share

Fri Apr 7 13:27:27 UTC 2017
Dante F. B. Colò <dante01010 at gmail.com>

Hello everyone

I 'm trying to find what it happens on my Samba AD servers especially 
with shared spreadsheets, my personal opinion this feature on Excel  is 
crap and unreliable but many people use it, how does Samba currently 
behave with this ? Is someone experienced any problem with this ? 
Frequently happens changes made by other user are lost the spreadsheet 
opens as read only , the shares are all using vfs_acl_xattr module to 
mimic NTFS permissions, clients are all windows machines versions 7 and 
10 , i upgraded samba 4.3.11 to 4.5.7 but both have the same behavior.  
Any ideas ?