[CentOS] jave-1.5.0 on centos 7...

Tue Apr 11 16:13:05 UTC 2017
Ian Diddams <didds3 at yahoo.co.uk>

Curring a long story short...

we had a centos 5 server running jboss 6 and jboss 4.2.3GA
because of centois 5 EOL TPTB have decreed this server needs migratiung to a Centos 7 server
But...  the hboss 4.2.3GA jboss app uses java 1.5.0 (_22 FTWT).

I can't *(unsurprisingly!) find java 1.5.0 under yum.
anyone got it in an rpm or know where it can found?

(At his stage it is merely a guess that it will run under centos 7 anyway!)