[CentOS] Possible bug with latest 7.3 installer, md RAID1, and SATADOM.

Fri Apr 14 21:28:59 UTC 2017
David C. Miller <millerdc at fusion.gat.com>

I'm seeing a problem that I think maybe a bug with the mdraid software on the latest CentOS installer. I have a couple of new supermicro servers and each system has two innodisk 32GB SATADOM's that are experiencing the same issue. I used the latest CentOS-7-x86_64-1611 to install to the two SATADOM's a simple RAID1 for the root. The install goes just fine but when I boot off the new install I see one of two behaviours. It either hangs at boot, or boots fine but I start getting errors when using the system. For example it will give me  the following error if I try to run yum update.

error: rpmdb: damaged header #6 retrieved -- skipping.

It will just hang giving that error over and over. I have to use a different login session to kill it or reboot. It doesn't even log anything to journelctl or /var/log/messages. At first I thought either the hardware was the issue(sata port, controller, SATADOM, etc). However, I do not see any issues if I don't try to raid the disks. Setting either of the SATADOM's up as a single system drive works just fine. It does not matter if I choose xfs or ext4 for the filesystem when I try to RAID them either. Making an md RAID1 out of the two disks with 7.3 installer is the only combination I see this issue with. If I use the previous 7.2 installer(CentOS-7-x86_64-1511) I don't see the problem at all. I can run yum update, reboot, and everything is still ok. I should also point out that I tested the CentOS 7.3 installer creating a md RAID1 system drive using two regular spinning hard drives and that worked just fine. I was wondering if anyone else has seen something similar or can confirm this problem before I submit it as a real bug..

TL/DR. Two different supermicro servers, both using innodisk 32GB SATADOM's and latest CentOS 7.3 installer to create a RAID1 system results in freezes and weird errors. Using the CentOS 7.2 installer works fine.

David Miller.