[CentOS] startup process that rebuilds aliases.db?

Thu Apr 20 14:00:45 UTC 2017
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

My Centos7 system does not have a battery for the clock (like most armv7 
SOCs), thus I rely on that at some point in boot time, chronyd sets the 
time.  If a file is updated prior to chronyd accomplishing its task (or 
network connectivity is down), the file ends up with a timestamp of "Dec 
31  1969".

I notice that occasionally, after a reboot, /etc/aliases.db reverts to 
this time, and I have to run newaliases to fix it.  I suppose I could 
run touch as well.

What process could be rebuilding aliases.db?  Postfix list says it isn't 

How, after chronyd, can I insure the date on aliases.db is not back to 0?

Yes, this is just a warning message in maillog, but annoying.