[CentOS] Power Fail Protection

Tue Aug 8 23:50:03 UTC 2017
Chris Olson <chris_e_olson at yahoo.com>

Some of our largest systems run Windows because it supports engineering
applications that we use regularly.  These applications have unattended
runs that often take between ten and fifteen hours to complete.  We have
taken the recommendation of the application supplier and equipped these
Windows machines with UPS protection for 30 minutes at full load.

The UPSs are Ethernet connected.  A support application on the Windows
engineering machine communicates with the UPS to detect and address any
facility power failure.  The long run engineering application is then
suspended at a restart point and the system is shut down.  We initiate
job completion manually from the suspension restart point after the
system has reliable power and is rebooted.

If we wanted to protect our CentOS systems from facility power failure
in a similar way, is there operating system or other standard support
that we might employ?  Most of the Linux-based applications are not as
critical as the engineering applications on the Windows machines. There
is a significant amount of processor idle time on several of the CentOS
systems during non-work hours when the systems are unattended.  Several
CentOS systems are supported currently with UPSs, but they run out and
the system loses power if it is unattended.