[CentOS] anybody else had this problem since the CR updates?

Sun Aug 27 02:41:39 UTC 2017
Fred Smith <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>

I'm running Mate on my C7 boxen, a desktop and a netbook.\

Mate comes from epel, so it's probably not a CentOS problem, but lemme
ask here in case anybody else has seen it:

some tools (nm, pavucontrol, and possibly others I haven't noted down)
no longer have the correct formatting on screen. there are no backgrounds,
i.e., backgrounds that define areas of the screen by shading or borders.
clickable text tends to be jammed together. pavucontrol has no sliders
for any of the level controls.

an example, at the top of pavucontrol it has no visible tabs, just the

	PlaybackRecordingOutput DevicesInput DevicesConfiguration

spaced as shown. they work when you click them, however. but since none of
the sliders are visible (and I can't find 'em by randomly poking around
with the mouse pointer) it's a little hard to use. :(

If I can find a place to post some screenshots, I'll try the  posting
a note on the epel IRC.

Thanks in advance!
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