[CentOS] Centos7 System Storage Manager: Device /dev/sdc not found

Thu Aug 3 16:37:12 UTC 2017
Ulf Volmer <u.volmer at u-v.de>

On 02.08.2017 21:37, johan.vermeulen7 at telenet.be wrote:
> [root at hotelcaw ~]# ssm add -p centos /dev/sdc 
> Device /dev/sdc not found (or ignored by filtering). 
> Unable to add physical volume '/dev/sdc' to volume group 'centos'. 
> SSM Error (2012): ERROR running command: "lvm vgextend centos /dev/sdc" 

I'm not familar with ssm, but this error can be caused by a filter in

best regards