[CentOS] What RH-like on a Dell XPS 15 (9590)?

Fri Aug 4 15:25:51 UTC 2017
Darr247 <darr247 at gmail.com>

> I must admit that this is new to me! I'm not familiar w/ laptops w/ 2
devices like that. Now I
> understand why under Windows, Dell has installed both Intel and NVidia
> Could anyone explain why such hardware configuration?

The Intel HD GPU is actually integrated on the CPU die; the discrete
graphics adapter usually has higher performance for graphics-intensive

In windows, you should be able to choose which graphics adapter an
application uses by right-clicking its shortcut and choosing the "Run with
graphics processor" option from the context menu (the default can also be
set in the NVIDIA Control Panel, with NVIDIA adapters). So you can have the
integrated GPU handling mostly static displays and using less battery, while
the dedicated GPU kicks in for AutoCAD, video editing, gaming, et cetera. 

On desktop PCs, if the display/s is/are connected to the discrete GPU's
output port/s then the discrete GPU is used for everything.

I don't know how to tell which graphics adapter is being used by a
particular app in CentOS... the only benchmarking suite I've heard of for
CentOS is Phoronix (look in EPEL), which should have the GLMark2 benchmark
to test the OpenGL renderers. I'm not aware of any linux flavor that
supports Direct3D.